Sand Casting

There are trade-offs to explore among the casting processes. The chart included below is a general guide. Of course, these are relative measures and may not all apply to your specific needs. For example, the “cost per piece” may be higher in sand casting for long runs, but lower in short runs because of the lower cost of the mold itself.

 SandPermanent MoldInvestmentDie
Structural DensityGoodBestGoodFair
Pressure TightnessGoodBestGoodFair
Cost per PieceFairGoodPoorBest
Production RateFairGoodPoorBest
Alloy RangeBestGoodGoodFair
Design FlexibilityBestGoodBestFair
Size LimitationBestGoodFairGood
Surface FinishFairGoodBestBest
Tooling Lead TimeBestGoodGoodGood
Mold CostBestGoodGoodFair